Career Coaching

Click on the image above if you are an individual who:

  1. Bulletis bored with your current job

  2. Bulletis starting a new business

  3. Bulletwants to progress within your firm

  4. Bullethas been made redundant

  5. Bulletknows what you don’t want, but not sure what you do want

or you are a team leader who:

  1. Bulletwants to develop and motivate your team

  2. Bulletis trying to manage a conflict

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Turnaround and Insolvency Coaching

Click on the image above if you are a business owner who:

  1. Bulletis stressed

  2. Bulletis facing a credit crisis

  3. Bulletis struggling with the recession

  4. Bulletis not getting support from your bank

  5. Bullethas a struggling business

  6. Bullethas a company in Business support

  7. Bullethas a company in a Voluntary Arrangement

  8. Bullethas personal issues affecting your work

  9. Bulletneeds someone independent to talk to

  10. Bullethas recently lost their business

Zero cost options now available.

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